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Tips Memasak Kue Dorayaki Yang Manis

January 11 2016, 03:36am

Tips Memasak Kue Dorayaki Yang Manis - I walked hand in hand with Aldo. He was chairman of the student council at the same time my class sister. Though I and he always walked hand in hand to school, he did not ever say hello. Kak Aldo always think of dust that came in life. There was once a time, I accidentally embracing arm. Not. Not because I want to be noticed by him, however, because at that time I almost hit a passing car beside me. Kak Aldo and only responded with a bitter smile.

But, hey! He was the first man to successfully fill the recesses of my heart. Do not ask me why I like it. Even I do not understand why I could love a man Jutek like him. Right now I do not want anymore awkwardly in front of him. Moreover, if he knew that I keep feeling more than brother and sister.

Talita who pitied me immediately pulled me into his arms. He was my best friend. Talita always understand what I feel. I love you Talita. "Talitha, temenin me into space osis. Doang moment. "Said kak aldo with octave voice so soft. Honestly, the first time I heard talking kak aldo as soft and not efficient in speaking. I am jealous. But, Talita and kak aldo just friends, and I know it. Anyway, probably just my imagination.

A few weeks later I've rarely met Talita. The last time we met it was not a case of Aldo Kak birthday. Which coincided on this day. Talita gave the cue to come to the cafe where Brother Aldo will be given a special surprise the special people in her life exception, I am. Feels very strange to say it, but somehow that's reality. I was a nobody, brother Aldo.